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A Pioneering Vision of Herbal Therapy

"MediHerb was born out of my desire for efficacious herbal therapy. This remains the driving force behind every aspect of the company from raw material sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance under pharmaceutical standards through to our world class education programs. I am proud and grateful to be associated with a company that provides such unparalleled support for the profession.


I believe that by recommending MediHerb you are not only giving the best possible products to your patients, you are also investing in the future of natural medicine."


Professor Kerry Bone
MediHerb Co-Founder and 
Director of Research & Development



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    At MediHerb, quality is our passion. Our herbal quality assurance program is vital in producing a product that works for your patients.

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    For over 25 years MediHerb has been a pioneer, dedicated to the research and development of premium quality professional products.

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